14 October 2014 post

GoPro Hero: the entry level action cam

The most famous action cam of the world represents itself to every passionate of extreme shooting in a renewed dress, but also as a return to the roots, no wonder in fact that the new model has been called simply GoPro HERO. A video-camera designed for all who wants to approach this world at an affordable price.

With high resolution video of 1080p at 30 frame per second, the model HERO offers the same engaging takes that have make GoPro one of the best selling video-camera in the world, with a simplified approach to the utilization accessible to everyone. The optical sensor allows to take pictures up to 5Mp at 5fps, while in the Time Laps sessions the clicks are automatic at every half second.

Catch and Share your world has never been so easy

The GoPro HERO has the advantage of being light and handy, so much so that it can be easily carried in the pocket or in the backpack, it can be worn, mounted on sport equipment and used in every kind of situation. To facilitate even more its use GoPro has conceived user-friendly modality, like the QuikCapture mode to access the video-camera and start recording by just pushing only a button and the Photo Burst mode to catch sequences of pictures in rapid movement.

gopro hero

The video-camera is lodged within a sealed underwater resistant case up to 40 mt, that also protect it against mud, rain and accidental shocks in order to allow the use of the camera in every activities both out and under water. No matter then if you practise surf, snowboard or simply amusing with a dive in the pool with your friends, you can carry it with no problems.

In this video produced by GoPro are shown the main characteristics of the Gopro HERO:

We inform you that every supports and the accessories Go4Fun are full compatible with the new GoPro HERO.

To know more: www.gopro.com