24 November 2014 post

Report Skipass 2014

Go4Fun, in the occasion of the event Skipass2014 (Winter Sports and Tourism Salon) that has taken place in Modena from the 30th of October until the 2nd of November, has presented the entire Line of accessories and supports for GoPro successfully gaining great interest amongst the many visitors.

Go4Fun supports allow the user to obtain shots from angles and different points of view that hardly can be made with traditional fixations; just to stick with winter sports we can mention the Camera Arm (available both in aluminium or in plastic material) that enables the fixation of the camera on the helmet in order to achieve a fantastic self-framing in “selfie” style.

Most used and appreciated by skiers are also the supports for tubular bars to mount directly the video-camera on the snow-rackets to obtain a new and captivating perspective.

Skipass 2014Skipass 2014Skipass 2014

Skipass2014 is however not only winter sports; numerous athletes of international fame for BMX, roller skating and skate sport disciplines have performed in amazing routines.

Each show, including the ones on artificial snow ski slopes, have been documented and recorded with GoPro’s video-cameras fixed to bikes, skates or directly to the helmet through Go4Fun accessories.

We would like to thank all the visitors that have visited our area and we extend the invitation to the next event.

Stay Tuned!