13 October 2014 post

Go4Fun on Fantechnology.it: they come the accessories Go4Fun for GoPro lovers

We quote an article issued on Fantechnology.blogspot.it that talks about our accessories Go4Fun. Here follow an extract:

“The look always matter but good-looking is not the only purpose for those who chose aluminum supports, because it is also a matter of improving security and protection: on one side they aim to make every GoPro unique and far more captivating, but on the other they render the camera always ready and well protected in every environmental situations, even the more extreme. The substitution of the standard fixation elements made of plastic with the ones made in anodized aluminum, ensures in effect a more solid hold with superior resistance to vibrations, and also protection from weariness due to weather agents and saltiness in particular.”

Read the entire article (in Italian) on Fantechnology.blogspot.it | Pdf format